Samuel Higgins is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher and composer from Leicestershire, UK

Graduating from Middlesex University in 2014, he has been privileged to shared stages across Europe and America with esteemed acts including Marillion, Spocks Beard and Anathema.

Falling in love with music around the age of 10, Sam has been writing and performing music for around 18 years.

He is an accomplished guitarist, and vocalist, as well as a competent drummer, clarinetist and keyboardist. In addition, he is more than happy to turn his hand to any instrument he can get a hold of, applying each and every one if them in his songwriting and compositions.

Since attending university (2011-14) he has taken a keen interest in music production, working with a number of his peers to help produce their coursework portfolios and self producing demo tracks, and taking on occasional mixing work ever since.

Towards the end of his time at university, he started taking on guitar students, and currently works with Rocksteady Music school to provide full band lessons in a number of schools, whilst also maintaining a number of private students in guitar, vocals, bass, drums and music theory.